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......@@ -338,4 +338,27 @@ sudo pip install -r src/ckanext-dcat/requirements.txt
sudo service apache2 restart
#### 13.7 ckanext-thai_gdc:
source /usr/lib/ckan/default/bin/activate
cd /usr/lib/ckan/default
sudo pip install -e 'git+'
แก้ไขไฟล์ config ของ CKAN ดังนี้:
- เพิ่มค่า config ถัดจาก [app:main] (มีอยู่แล้ว)
ckan.auth.public_user_details = false
ckan.tracking_enabled = true
ckanext.pages.form = pages/base_form.html
ckanext.pages.allow_html = True
ckanext.pages.editor = ckeditor
scheming.dataset_schemas = ckanext.thai_gdc:ckan_dataset.json
- ckan.plugins
> ckan.plugins = stats text_view image_view recline_view resource_proxy datastore datapusher webpage_view pdf_view scheming_datasets pages hierarchy_display hierarchy_form package_group_permissions dcat dcat_json_interface structured_data thai_gdc
sudo service apache2 restart
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