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ลบวิธีการติดตั้ง datapusher

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......@@ -304,66 +304,7 @@ sudo service nginx restart
### 12. ทดสอบเรียกใช้เว็บไซต์ผ่าน http://{ip address}
### 13. ติดตั้งและตั้งค่า DataPusher
sudo apt-get install python-dev python-virtualenv build-essential libxslt1-dev libxml2-dev git libffi-dev
sudo virtualenv /usr/lib/ckan/datapusher
sudo mkdir /usr/lib/ckan/datapusher/src
cd /usr/lib/ckan/datapusher/src
sudo git clone
cd /usr/lib/ckan/datapusher/src/datapusher
sudo /usr/lib/ckan/datapusher/bin/pip install --use-feature=2020-resolver -r requirements.txt
sudo /usr/lib/ckan/datapusher/bin/python develop
sudo /usr/lib/ckan/datapusher/bin/pip install uwsgi
sudo cp -r /usr/lib/ckan/datapusher/src/datapusher/deployment /etc/ckan/datapusher
sudo chown `whoami` /etc/ckan/datapusher
สร้างไฟล์ supervisor config สำหรับ datapusher
sudo vi /etc/supervisor/conf.d/ckan-datapusher.conf
command=/usr/lib/ckan/default/bin/uwsgi -i /etc/ckan/datapusher/datapusher-uwsgi.ini
; Start just a single worker. Increase this number if you have many or
; particularly long running background jobs.
; Log files
; Make sure that the worker is started on system start and automatically
; restarted if it crashes unexpectedly.
; Number of seconds the process has to run before it is considered to have
; started successfully.
; Need to wait for currently executing tasks to finish at shutdown.
; Increase this if you have very long running tasks.
stopwaitsecs = 600
; Required for uWSGI as it does not obey SIGTERM.
### 13. cronjob สำหรับ page view tracking:
สร้าง background jobs config
......@@ -375,7 +316,6 @@ sudo cp /usr/lib/ckan/default/src/ckan/ckan/config/supervisor-ckan-worker.conf /
sudo supervisorctl reload
### 14. cronjob สำหรับ page view tracking:
crontab -e
......@@ -383,7 +323,7 @@ crontab -e
@hourly /usr/lib/ckan/default/bin/ckan -c /etc/ckan/default/ckan.ini tracking update && /usr/lib/ckan/default/bin/ckan -c /etc/ckan/default/ckan.ini search-index rebuild -r
### 15. ติดตั้งและตั้งค่า [CKAN Extensions](
### 14. ติดตั้งและตั้งค่า [CKAN Extensions](
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